SDCC 12: Amazing Spider-Man

It’s “50 years of Spider-Man” so why the hell not have an “Amazing Spider-Man” panel? Whilst Dan Slott was not present he was there via telephone to participate. The people who were actually there included Marvel Director of Communications Arune Singh, “Captain Marvel” writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, “Space Punisher writer Frank Tieri, “Venom” writer Cullen Bunn and “Amazing Spider-Man” artist Humberto Ramos.

Like the previous panels like Ultimate Comics and Cup O’ Joe I have slimmed it down to show the main points.


  • Alpha – the new sidekick for Spidey. “Alpha is everything Peter Parker wished he could have been in high school,” he said, noting that the hero’s identity being public makes things fun for Alpha but tough on Peter. “It’s that kid’s power, but it’s still Peter’s responsibility.”
  • inspiration for the feel of the character from Andrew Garfield’s performance in the new “Amazing Spider-Man”
  • “Avenging Spider-Man” #13 featuring the Hypno-Hustler and Deadpool by Kevin Shiick and Aaron Kuder
  • The panel promised that more anniversary plans were in place for Spidey’s 50th outside the current Alpha and #700 plans, including a run of one-shots and some media promotional aspects like an incoming Spike TV documentary.
  • The 700th issue of “Amazing Spider-Man” was brought up in terms of whether it would be the end of Slott’s run.
  • Singh said that Spider-Man is a character who will be affected by the Marvel NOW relaunch but said no more. “This is the biggest thing I’ve ever done to a character in my entire career in comics,” Slott said.
  • Asked whether readers would get more Gwen Stacy in the series with her new prominence in media. “We’re going to show Gwen Stacy if there’s a story you need to see in the past…but I really don’t want to bring Gwen back. She’s too important to the mythos…it’d be like bringing back Uncle Ben,” Slott said. Though when Ramos said he really wants to draw the character, the writer said he’d find a way to put her in a story.


  • The “Savage Six” storyline in “Venom” saying Flash Thompson will have a different road ahead of him after it end. “It’s going to put him in a place where he’s going to make some different life choices…there may possible be a change of scenery for Venom as well.”
  • The story will lead to “Minimum Carnage”.
  • Eddie Brock as the new Toxin in “Savage Six” will continue to play a role in the “Venom” series moving forward. Bunn said, “Eddie and Toxin will have as much reason to hate the man in the Venom suit as they do the symbiote.”


  • Starting in October between “Venom” and the “Scarlet Spider” book.
  • Carnage will escape into the Micro-verse in the story, and Venom give pursuit.
  • The series will kick with a “Minimum Carnage: Alpha” one-shot written by Bunn and Chris Yost with art by Lan Medina
  • “Carnage is the worst case scenario for both Venom and Scarlet Spider,”
  • Bunn said. “For Kane, it’s all about how terrible a killer can be. And for Venom, it’s how terrible a symbiote can be.” The writer added that they creators came up with very good reasons for Venom and Scarlet Spider to clash in this story.
  • Asked whether Peter Parker would play a role in “Minimum Carnage,” to which Bunn said, “This is a situation for various reasons that only Venom and Scarlet Spider can deal with Carnage…it isn’t a thing where Peter Parker can swing in and save them.”


  • DeConnick talked more about “Captain Marvel” saying she dug into the character via her life as a pilot and how pilots can control everything in the cockpit but rarely can do the same for their lives.
  • The series will shift to her role on the modern Avengers.
  • The week of teasers release by Marvel earlier this month was revealed to be for “Punisher War Zone,” a five-issue mini series that will wrap the Greg Rucka/Marco Checchetto run.
  • The anti-hero will take his war fully into the Marvel Universe against the likes of Spider-Man and Iron Man.

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