SDCC 12: Minimum Carnage Gets Interesting

Earlier this month “Minimum Carnage” was first announced and I had held off mentioning it on here because as far as I was concerned Carnage is a dumb and shallow product of the 90s and Venom is by far the superior symbiote.

Initially I thought it would be just another mini-series like with previous ones that have come out over the past year or so entitled Carnage and Carnage U.S.A. Having only read Carnage it helped to cement my opinion about the character and after not hearing anything particularly good about USA it almost wrote Minimum Carnage completely until now…

Marvel have announced that the series will be a crossover between Scarlet Spider & Venom beginning with October’s Minimum Carnage Alpha #1 and hitting Scarlet Spider #10-11, Venom #26-27, and concluding with Minimum Carnage Omega in November.

As a fan of both series Venom and Scarlet Spider it is easier for me to believe that with the help of their respective writers Bunn and Yost, that it will be good. In previous Carnage centric series they have only been written by one person which meant that he wasn’t writing characters that he had wrote before and in the case of these two are currently writing.

I expect that at some point Kaine will unmask himself because apparently he doesn’t have that much fear behind doing so whenever he feels like it but in this case it’ll be near Flash. Flash’ll be like “OMG Peter you’re the Scarlet Spider? Why you goin’ Houston bro when you live in NY?” and Kaine’ll be like “Nar dude, I ain’t Parker. I just his clone”. Then Flash’ll be all like “Peter got cloned? When” Then Kaine’s like “Years ago but it’s a long story” and in the end Flash and Scarlet will be aware of one another and Spider-Man will be completely oblivious.

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