Kick-Ass 2 Plot Details

Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass 2 and Hit-Girl artist John Romita Jr artist was interviewed and it revealed some of the story structure for the upcoming Kick-Ass 2 movie.So to this point, for me [my involvement is] having the second Kick-Ass series done and now getting the Hit-Girl series done before they begin filming. So I need to get three issues done — 60 pages — before filming starts, which I was told would be this September.”

As far as the narrative concerned, the artist added, “As far as I know, the Hit-Girl comic is actually the beginning of the film. Kick-Ass 2 is the second half of the film. It’s an interesting thing that occurred. The filming got pushed back due to contracts and the actors not being ready, so it worked out well that way, allowing me more time to get the comics finished.

“So as soon as Mark Millar and Jeff Wadlow had discussed what they wanted to do, we got to the point where the Hit-Girl story would be the beginning of the film. Now it’s just up to me to get things done as quickly as possible.”

(Source: SFX)

So by the sounds of that it is a bigger incentive for people to continue reading the Hit-Girl series as it leads up to both the book’s and film’s sequel.

Kick-Ass 2 is set for a 2013 release.


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