REVIEW: Gambit #1

Written By: James Asmus

Art By: Clay Mann

Price: $2.99

Gambit – Thief, Charmer, X-Man, Hero. Mr. LeBeau returns in an all new, ongoing solo series that follows him as he tiptoes the line between good and bad once again.

This is the series I’ve been waiting for for months. It’s finally here. And it doesn’t disappoint.

We start off with a recap of what we already know. he’s a superhero and a mutant fighting alongside the X-Men and his relationship with a certain ex-girlfriend is.. well, complicated at this point. It kicks off to a good start by giving the reader a basic idea of what the character has been going through. Longtime Gambit fans should note the title of the series – Once A Thief. It’s a great reminder to how far he’s come since his earlier days. Only recently has he become a teacher at the Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning. But he’s as suave and debonair as ever.

Eagle-eyed readers will note the book on Remy’s desk; Legacies of Blood-Soaked Hypocrisy: A Comparison of Joseph Stalin and James Howlett by Quentin Quire. Very subtle, and very funny. The real world setting with short mentions about various Marvel Universe locales and people was a nice touch as well.

Rachel Rosenberg deserves a lot of praise here too. Her coloring gives the issue an almost watercolor-esque feel for a majority of the foregrounds. It’s an all-around beautiful book.

The plot itself is nothing we haven’t seen before. Talented thief sneaks into a high society party. Flirts with guests at said party. It’s your typical heist. It’s a credit to Asmus’ writing that he makes it feel fresh. Remy’s motivation for slipping back into his old lifestyle isn’t really explained, but that will probably be elaborated on in the next few issues.

Unsurprisingly, we end on a cliffhanger, but a well executed one at that. Can’t wait for the next issue.

(Also to note – There’s no Rogue. Good on you, Asmus.)

Score: 9.0


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