DISASSEMBLED #3: Guardians of the Galaxy & Why They Needs A Movie

With the announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy it has to be said that This movie is a risk for MARVEL. It’s arguably their biggest risk to date, to go more into the cosmic side of MARVEL (universe) may alienate them from the mainstream. However the worry was also similar with Thor and The Avengers but in the end they turned out to be huge successes which shows that MARVEL not only know what they’re doing but the chances of it actually working are greatly increased and I think the general audience are up for it.

So to start off, the guardians are when put simply The Avengers for space, they are a team put together so that they can fight any threats that may happen in the galaxy. The line-up has changed over the years and even to a point where there was a new origin and team set up in 2008, which you may have guessed will be their passage towards a movie, Thanks to concept art that was revealed at SDCC we know who the roster are.


He is essentially the leader for the guardians. Starlord’s backstory is he was a child who was nearly murdered by his father, his mother was then killed and he went into a foster home. He is eventually given the chance by the master of the sun to avenge his mother’s death by becoming the Starlord we know today.


She is an alien who is the last of her kind, whose race was murdered by Badoon or Thanos but in this case it will probably be Thanos depending on which timeline you go by. She was eventually found by Thanos and who manipulated her into a weapon that he could use. She is one of a few individuals Thanos has ever really showed emotion to.

Drax the Destroyer

Drax was a normal man who was driving in the desert with his wife and child until his car was attacked by a spaceship piloted by none other than Thanos. He then dies in the car crash but his daughter survives who is given to Thanos’s father to be trained. The titan god Chronos seeing this decided that he must be brought back to stop this abomination, so he revived him as Drax the Destroyer whose sole purpose is to destroy Thanos.

Rocket Raccoon

He is a genetically altered Raccoon who has been given the level of intelligence of a human whilst also keeping his animal instincts. He is basically a comical character used to relive some tension, whilst also having some badass scenes.


Groot is a plant monster in the form of a tree, who originally was a villain who came to earth seeking to capture and study humans, by the time he joined the guardians he was the last of his people and wanted revenge against the recurring theme here Thanos.


We can’t miss out the completely obvious here, and that is Thanos is a recurring theme in these heroes lives, so it can be pretty much said that he is going to be the villain, who is Thanos you ask? Well is you seen The Avengers then you know he is the big purple villain in the after scene credits who in the comics has always left a path of destruction behind him, crushing civilizations and murdering the innocent as well being one of the most feared villains ever.


So why is there a movie coming? Why do they deserve a movie? Well I think why Kevin Fiege has opted for these to have a movie over let’s say Black Panther, is because the cosmic side of MARVEL has the most deadly villains, villains that can crush planets, villains who will actually give the Hulk a fight in brawn as well as giving Iron Man a fight in intelligence, as well as giving Captain America a fight in a tactical sense and mostly a villain that can be as durable and as strong as Thor.

So why do they deserve the time of day well as proved with the Avengers a team movie works story wise and visually also that the audience is willing to accept that aliens and races of all kind exist in this universe and that its time to see some more aliens some good and some bad. They also deserve a movie because it has a great line up with the powerful Drax, the tactical Starlord, the sexy Gamora, the tree warrior Groot and obviously the Rocket Raccoon this team is more dysfunctional than the Avengers and if done right it can be extremely entertaining to watch the chemistry between the characters as well as giving us a insight into MARVEL’s direction for the future of their universe.

One worry that lots of fans are having are, will there be actors involved in all roles, such as in the case of Rocket Raccoon they will probably take some advice for Seth MacFarlane and opt for motion capture its proved well for TED, dare I say Seth MacFarlane could be a good Rocket Raccoon. Groot is also another character who they may have issues with, he is a tree and when you put some thought into it that’s going to be tough to do, maybe motion capture and using someone like Tony ToddPeter Cullen or Alan Rickman as his voice.

When it comes to Starlord it’s going to need to be someone who is comfy with wearing a costume all the time but mostly must have a presence of a leader maybe Timothy Olyphant or Michael Fassbender. Drax the Destroyer will need a strong and muscled actor who will be able to show his physical presence without having to even start a fight possibly Jason Momoa. Finally it comes to Gamora, which ever actress plays her  must be pretty confident, her costume will be revealing  so a beautiful actress is needed  but they will also need an actress who has a strong presence and obviously can hold her own possibly Lynn Collins or even Olivia Wilde. Who would you guys cast in these roles?

Do the Guardians of the Galaxy Deserve a movie in your eyes?

5 Responses to “DISASSEMBLED #3: Guardians of the Galaxy & Why They Needs A Movie”
  1. One comment:
    The talking raccoon may put parents off, because talking animals are stereotypical signs of movies for children. Parents/teens/kids may see that, and dismiss the movie as a joke, and the raccoon as comic relief, cannon fodder, and joke material.

    • Kyle says:

      Rocket Raccoon wouldn’t put parents or kids off, if anything having an anthropomorphic characters are more synonymous with children than anything. It’s the other demographics that need convincing.

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