REVIEW: Marvel Now Point One #1

Written By: Nick Spencer, Brian Bendis, Jeph Loeb, Kieron Gillen, Matt Fraction, Dennis Hopeless

Art By: Luke Ross, Steve McNiven, Ed McGuinness, Jamie McElvie, Mike Norton, Michael Allred, Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Price: $5.99

51 pages! The future of Marvel is NOW! A Point One issue introducing the movers and shakers of the Marvel Universe to come!

I’ll start off by saying I hate Nick Fury Jr. The concept of the character, not the guy himself.  It’s a less-than-subtle move to sync up the comic universe and their cinematic universe (from a cosmetic standpoint) as much as possible. Captain America’s new uniform and the insertion of Agent Coulson is just cheesy.

Anyways! Onto the stories themselves.

A time traveler from the future shows up and starts moving billions of dollars around the New York Stock exchange which rings off all sorts of alarms at SHIELD HQ, because they’re conveniently monitoring the stock exchange for some reason. He spouts a lot of boring doublespeak about how messed up the country is in the future until he mentions “the stars” which leads us into a flashback concerning Peter Quill, or Star-Lord for the uninitiated. It’s nothing new, but it’s a nice introduction to the character and a re-establishment that even as a kid, he was pretty capable. Not to mention, it’s cool setup for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Then we shift to Marvel’s other cosmic-based, the new Nova also known as Sam Alexander. As there are a ton of hardcore Richard Rider fans out there, they’re no doubt a little cheesed off at a new character under helmet. But as someone who’s really unfamiliar with Nova, I can’t say it really bothered me. Sam’s personality is very reminiscent of early issues of Gravity. He’s a relatively new hero still trying to find his way in this post Avengers vs. X-Men world. The fact that he just leaves Diamondhead in the middle of nowhere is a nice and subtle way to illustrate that by Jeph Loeb.

And then we switch back to SHIELD HQ, where Time Traveler Guy continues subtly alluding to previous events in the Marvel Universe. He’s pretty condescending about it too before he segues into the next little short – Young Avengers.

I’ve never heard of Miss America before not, but I’ve gotta say I’m already a fan. I don’t know who came up with the panel design for this short, but it was really clever and fun. It’s clear Loki’s got some ulterior motives and it’ll be interesting to see just what they are. Young Avengers is the series I’m most anxious to check out.

Next, a distraught Scott Lang mourning his daughter Cassie, who was killed during The Children’s Crusade. Matt Fraction teams up with Mike Allred to show us where the character’s at since the death of his daughter. He’s got a score to settle with Doom that’ll be expanded upon in the new FF series in late November. With any other artist, this might have come off somewhat boring, but Allred brings his quirky style to a story that might otherwise seem forced.

And finally, we see a manic and arguably crazed Forge rushes around to fix some kind of machine that turns out to be his own mind. It’s another great set-up for another new series I’m looking forward to.

The ending of the book is the low point. It’s a cliffhanger that’ll confuse you, rather than leave you on the edge of your seat. The $5.99 price tag might be a few people wary as well, but it’s well worth it.

Score: 9.0

2 Responses to “REVIEW: Marvel Now Point One #1”
  1. That’s a crackerjack answer to an interesting question

  2. Usman says:

    Im brand new to the show, just listened to it in the past two days but I love it and hope hintgs go SO well in the future that geekwitch airs even more often! <3Thank you for making this show, its really been a blessing and an inspiration for me![]

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