REVIEW: Hawkeye #8

Written By: Matt Fraction

Art By: David Aja

Price: $2.99

Cherry, the girl that Clint bought his car, had sexual relations with and saved from the tracksuit mafia again needs his help after she shot her husband trying to get hold of a safe but was unable to complete the job.

I realise that I spend a lot of time in my reviews of the series constantly going on about how funny it is and to apologise for loving something isn’t what I do but giving you examples of great Fraction is and how other series should strive to be like it. Kate’s response to a potential arrest and

Black Widow, Mockingbird and Spider-Woman’s reactions to Cherry is the highlight and considering that Jessica and Clint are in a relationship and he cheated on her with Cherry there isn’t a feeling to start calling him a jerk because just a few pages later it’s back to what the series does best.

As it draws to an end Clint and Kate’s actions are starting to show they have their consequences, they’ve stolen money from the Kingpin and his fellow crime lords and hijacked the auction for the tape of Hawkeye committing murder and what has been a fun series takes a much more serious tone and I’m actually looking forward to it.

The comics that during the issue brought some beautiful full-page illustrations by Annie Wu. Aja handles the rest of the interiors and as you would expect they’re beautiful. At least as far as the women go it goes for a more retro vibe and it goes over well.  Also thanks to the Iron Fist confusion line I can’t look at Clint without seeing Danny Rand.

Bro Count: (a modest) 9.

Score: 9.0

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  1. What’s a “Bro Count?”

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