REVIEW: Hawkeye #9

Written By: Matt Fraction

Art By: David Aja

Price: $3.99

After the mysterious redhead turned up on the doorstep of Avengers mansion the women in his life have been trying to understand what her relationship is to Clint.

Clint has a lot of women in his life and each has a different role within it. There’s Natasha, the work wife. Bobbi, the ex-wife. Jessica, the girl friend and Kate, his friend. Fraction is able to successfully write each character in their roles taking a step back from the crazy writing that has become a hallmark for the series. The best representatives of these positions are Natasha and Kate. Natasha who as the “work wife” has his interests as an Avenger in mind which could potentially be at risk if anyone were to find out that he’s involved in aiding and abetting a criminal. Whereas Kate treats him as you’d expect a friend to trying to let him know that he’s not as bad a guy as he allows people to believe.

What can I say? It’s more of Aja’s pencils and Hollingsworth’s colours so by now you should have an idea of how pretty the book is going to be. When Aja is given the freedom of no text and to do what he does best it has to be considered the highlights. The most telling aspect is that it doesn’t focus as much on the comedy and instead makes the fight scenes more badass. That’s not to say that it’s now boring as Clint’s confusion as to what’s going on is the source of the humour.

Bro Count:  17

Score: 8.5


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