REVIEW: Hawkeye #10

Written By: Matt Fraction

Art By: Francesco Francavilla / Letters By: Chris Eliopoulos & VC’s Clayton Cowles

Price: $2.99

This isn’t the same Hawkeye that we’ve come to expect. Instead of the comedy filled romp of previous issues Fraction takes us along the origin story of the man that killed Grills in the last issue, an eastern European hitman by the name of Kazi. Where at the same time he and Kate Bishop engage in a flirtatious evening whilst at one of her father’s parties. 

It’s a pretty straightforward story that even mostly being flashbacks doesn’t feel disjointed. The main issue is that I am unable to muster sympathy towards Kazi. Some may make the argument that “he’s the bad guy, you’re not meant to feel sorry for him” and I would be inclined to agree with that. Unfortunately for the issue because it lets us know about him growing up in a country gripped in war and struggling to stay alive  contradicts it.

In spite of there being no Aja, Francesco Francavilla steps in and he is no slouch by any means. His work is unapologetically different from Ajas but given the context of the story at hand it suits it perfectly. As he helps to tell the origin of this contract killer it hits the level of darkness and violence to a tee. Top that off with the darker colour pallet and it perfectly captures its mood.

Score: 7.5

Kyle Mc

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