REVIEW: Scarlet Spider #18

Written By: Chris Yost

Art By: Carlo Barberi / Ink By: Walden Wong / Colors By: Rex Lokus / Letters By: VC’s Joe Caramanga

Price: $2.99

“Wrath” Part Two of Three – Kaine and Logan… best friends or deadliest enemies? Find out as a thousand assassins descend upon them.What are the world’s greatest killers afraid of? And just who is the Red Death? Chris Yost and Carlo Barberi continue the Scarlet Spider’s journey!

It turns out killing Wolverine was just an act. A hastily planned act albeit, but an act nonetheless. After being ripped in two, Wolverine’s heart heals and he’s back on his feet. Kaine and he team up and travel to New Orleans to confront The Assassin’s Guild while Aracely stays at the Jean Grey school. Kaine and Wolverine stealthily infiltrate the Guild’s stronghold and disable about a dozen operatives before Belladonna and her inner circle enter the fray. After a ton of SNIKT’s and THWIP’s, The Red Death (who looks like a mix between The Scarlet Witch and Angela) shows up and shuts the fight down.

The ending of last issue lacked any real suspense because, let’s face it, we all knew Wolverine wasn’t dying. I mean how many times does Logan get impaled or shot a week, you’d think everyone would be a bit less shocked at this point.

Sure he is. SURRRRRE he is.

There’s tons of death to be had by the end of the issue. Logan and Kaine make an excellent team. I totally wouldn’t mind a buddy cop miniseries. Imagine the wacky hi-jinks! Speaking of wacky hi-jinks…

Aracely makes friends wherever she goes.

This issue also confirms that someone else may be possessing Aracely and it’s nice to see some more development on that front. The ending’s a bit anti-climactic since we don’t know who The Red Death is. It would’ve seemed more dramatic if the last page showed her standing over Kaine and Wolverine’s (seemingly) lifeless bodies all ominous-like.

The short little narrative with Belladonna and her assassins is too short to be properly fleshed out. It could have been cut from the story and it wouldn’t have impacted the flow of the issue. If anything, it might have helped it. My only other gripe is the panel where Teen-Jean mentally tells Wolverine to play along. It’s supposed to be a flashback but it’s not as clear as it could have been. Speedy readers might get a little mixed-up for a bit.

Wolverine’s lack of height is humorously emphasized but Kaine doesn’t look that much bigger, especially in the last few panels. Other than that, Barberi’s pretty on point this issue.

This is a very underrated book. It’s really one of Marvel’s more solid titles yet somehow it manages to fly under the radar. Yost is doing great work here.

Score: 8.0


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