REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men #11

Written By: Brian Michael Bendis

Art By: Frazer Irving & Kris Anka / Letters By: VC’s Joe Caramanga

Price: $3.99

Cyclops and his team of revolutionary X-Men come together to fight an ever-adapting Sentinel and save the innocent protestors of Ann Arbor, Maine.

Last week, on Uncanny X-Men Cyclops and his team decided to drop in on a rare pro-mutant rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan. However, they were interrupted when the Blockbuster Sentinel, (the toughest Sentinel of them all, hence the Blockbuster title) attacks.

Cyclops narrates most of this issue as he deals with being burdened with leadership in light of recent events and the ever-present fallout of Avengers vs X-Men. along with the fact that his, and the older elder members of the team’s powers are busted. Cyclops and the rest of the team still manages to make a stand against the Sentinel, even toppling it once.

Fabio saves the day! Well, kind of…

The thing keeps on coming however, as it keeps adapting to their attacks. Until Magneto shows up, that is. He manages to shred it with small pieces of metal until it disintegrates, seemingly teleporting away as Cyclops vows to find its maker.

What’s great about this issue is every member of Cyclops’ team got a chance to show off, excluding Benjamin, whose shape-shifting powers have yet to be completely controlled and quite frankly, wouldn’t have been much help here anyways.

Another excellent thing shown here is Scott and the elder X-Men’s influence on the new recruits. After their adventure in Limbo, practically no one was entirely too thrilled about being on the team. Everybody jumps into action. Including Fabio. Which is saying something. Perhaps it’s standing side-by-side fellow mutants and fighting a common enemy that will really bring the team together so they can move forward with their revolution.

I have to say though, The X-Men being hunted by a Sentinel? Not a completely original concept. It’s like Spider-Man fighting Venom or Captain America punching Nazis It’s been done before, so hopefully this shakes out to be more than just a bunch of Sentinel attacks, which, judging by the last page, is probably the case.

There’s a switch up in the art about midway through the book that’s pretty jarring if you don’t know it’s coming, which I guess you do now if you didn’t but whatever. It’s interesting because it serves to separate the events of that scene with the rest of the story. In some places, Frazer Irving’s gritty and dark style of art clashes with the levity Bendis injects into the dialogue but in others (like the action sequences) it’s really astounding.

In short, this was another solid issue. It’s awesome to see the newbies finally holding their own and I look forward to seeing more of that in the future. Bring on Battle of the Atom I say!

Score: 8.5

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