REVIEW: Indestructible Hulk #14

Written By: Mark Waid
Art By: Mahmud Asrar and Kim Jacinto / Colours By: Val Staples / Letters By: Cory Petit
Price: $3.99

I’ll say this upfront, I’m not the biggest fan of time travel stories these days. I feel there have been entirely too many of them in superhero comics recently. That said though, Mark Waid may have just brought “Agent of T. I. M. E.” To an Incredible place.

The last two issues in this story took us to the Wild West (with dinosaurs) and Camelot respectively. Believe it of not, those two little jaunts through time were just a tuneup compared to what we are treated to this issue. Fair warning, I’m going to spoil the first few pages of the issue to a certain degree here, but my words will never do justice to the images Mahmud Asrar, Kim Jacinto and Val Staples present in this book. So, we go from the Hulk vs. the Abomination on the moon, to Hulk’s “Mr. Fixit” persona vs. the Sandman in front of the Sphinx, to Hulk’s “Planet Hulk” Gladiator persona vs. Fin Fang Foom in the shadow of Christopher Columbus’ expedition. And all that is before Mark Waid brings things back to Hulk’s point of origin. The idea here is that the final Chronarchist, Khotto, who Hulk and the Banner-bot are hunting is messing with Hulk’s personal timeline, hence the changes in persona, and the different eras and enemies are the roadblocks he is is throwing up between them and him. Now, while all of this is great fun, it’s what happens at the end of the issue that had me most excited for the next instalment, and if it’s allowed to stick, could fundamentally change the dynamic of the series going forward. Obviously though, I’m not going to spoil that bit for you here, or the reveal of the mastermind behind the Chronarchists, though if you’ve been reading this story, it really shouldn’t be all that surprising.

Without question, for me at least  this issue is the peak of the “Agent of T. I. M. E.” Storyline to this point. We can only hope that next issue will ge even better. And personally I hope that the paradigm shift (best term I can think of) that happens at the end of this issue, is indeed something that stinks around, at lest for awhile.

Score: 9.0

Michael Bowie

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