REVIEW: Amazing X-Men #1

Written By: Jason Aaron

Pencils By: Ed McGuinness  / Inks By: Dexter Vines / Colours By: Marte Gracia / Letters By: Joe Caramanga

Price: $3.99

Sometimes endings are really just the beginning. With the close of Battle of the Atom leaving some fans a little down in the dirt, Amazing X-Men lifts spirits into the stratosphere and beyond.

The X-Men have a hard life and often their books can get super serious. With Wolverine and the X-Men, Jason Aaron kept the pace and the great character work the X-Universe is known for, but injected it with a ton of fun. Aaron has carried this feeling forward into the first act of his new title. Whilst grand and serious to begin, the book lightens up in the latter half introducing you to the team. Most who follow Aaron’s other X title will be instantly at home with the members, but for newcomers, and to welcome two new mutants to the teaching staff of the Jean Grey School, there is plenty of exposition blended evenly into conversation. Not knowing who new recruits Firestar & Northstar were, by issues end I knew all I really needed to follow them off into adventure.

And thats the real thrust of the book, Adventure! A seemingly important aspect of Nightcrawler’s character is his swashbuckling sword play and fighting style. This plays out to great effect throughout and despite certain characters literally dressing as pirates, it was never hokey or corny. Hans Zimmer’s bombastic score soared into my head whenever the blue devil BAMF’d into action. Kurt Wagner lived for adventure, but his death over half a decade ago ended that. And though he (seemingly) found the paradise he always knew was waiting for him, the man just can’t stay still. One of the reasons I will be following this book onwards is for the mystery of whether this “Heaven” is real and how Kurt deals with it if its not.

Having only been exposed to Nightcrawler in the Second Coming arc and a few shows and movies, I was glad at the approach Aaron and McGuinness took to reintroduce him into the Marvel U. Taking a page from Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly’s modern classic All Star Superman, a simple four panel recap at the start told me everything needed to know about the fan favourite. My only gripe is the way the mischievous Bamf’s are portrayed with almost child-like features, despite looking considerably older in other books, not to mention Beast directly stating their constant theft of Wolverine’s whiskey only several panels before. However this is easily overlooked considering they basically build a BAMF Stargate, earning even Hank McCoy’s stunned approval.

McGuinness may have taken some liberties with certain character designs but as a whole he gives life and credence to Aaron’s heavenly adventure. Easy to access and filled with plenty of laughs, Amazing X-Men is one ship you’ll want to jump aboard.

Score: 9.0

Mike Okeke

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