REVIEW: Avengers #23

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Written By: Jonathan Hickman

Art By: Leinil Francis Yu / Colors By: Sunny Gho and Paul Mounts / Letters By: VC’s Cory Petit

Price: $3.99

INFINITY TIE-IN “AVENGERS UNIVERSE: VI” The Avengers versus the Black Order. The battle for Earth moves planet-side. Thanos takes center stage.

Fresh from their victory over the Builders, the Avengers and coalition forces unite once more to bring the fight to Earth and stop Thanos. The issue opens on a private conversation between Captain America and Iron Man, as Iron Man keeps the Illuminati’s plans under wraps. Still maintaining secrecy over Steve’s mind-wipe, Tony seems to be determined to keep all of this hidden from Steve. Just how this plays out remains to be seen as we’ll next see Tony and the Illuminati in the upcoming issue of New Avengers.

Meanwhile, the coalition mounts an attack on The Peak, now under control of the Black Order. Trying to punch their way through Thanos’ defenses, it’s up to the tired and traumatized members of the Avengers and the Shi’ar Imperial Guard to clear the path to Earth. The ensuing skirmishes are tightly scripted by Hickman and wonderfully realized by Yu, capturing the tension and drama of this all-out assault with compelling page design and panel compositions. The narrative tension that Hickman sets up works well here, carried to a visually pleasing fruition through Yu’s sumptuous quality of line. Few artists can make violence look as lovely as Yu, and his work on this title has been a highlight of this event for me.

Culminating in a satisfying final showdown between Ronan the Accuser and Black Dwarf, the last of the Avengers tie-in issues ends with Captain Marvel flying the team back home to take-on Thanos one last time. Another enjoyable issue with a solid script and great art, Avengers #23 helps to bring this event to an entertaining close as Infinity #6 is set to release by the end of November.

Score: 7.5


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