REVIEW: Young Avengers #12

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Written By: Kieron Gillen

Pencils By: Jamie McKelvie / Inks By: Jamie McKelvie, Stephen Thompson & Mike Norton

Colours By: Matthew Wilson / Letters By: Clayton Cowles

Price: $2.99

The sad news that Young Avengers will shortly be coming to an end is all but forgotten throughout the duration of reading this beautifully crafted comic book.

With only one possible misstep in its entire run, Young Avengers has been an incredible ride. The end is in site and the battle with Mother commences. Most of this book however is the calm, before the storm. The knowing that the end is upon these characters runs through the minds of reader and Avenger alike. For anybody jumping on hoping to know what the hell is going on is probably going to throw you for one hell of a loop as all the threats from the past year come hurtling down towards a singularity known only as the Demiurge.

A kidnapped Avenger is the least of the team’s problems as the evil Mother’s plan will surely destroy all of reality, yet even if they succeed, what dire lengths Wiccan must undertake to save his lover may bring about that very fate. The stake have never been higher but Gillen never forgets where the soul of this book lies.

The strength of the Young Avengers has always been from the more realistic and small character interactions, from Miss America Chavez persistently threatening physical harm towards Loki to Hawkeye & Noh-Varr’s touching relationship. There is no need for soppy romantic antics, all emotions are implied through McKelvie’s insanely beautiful art.

If there were no dialogue he could still tell the exact same story and its almost a shame to see some speech bubbles interrupt otherwise genius page layouts. The trades for Young Avengers will be incredible and should sit proudly on your shelf next to David Aja’s phenomenal sequential artwork on Hawkeye. Both titles sharing not only an incredible character but an incredible sense of style and art direction that hopefully will be return to another set of deserving characters in due course.

Score: 8.5

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